10 Tips to Write Compelling Marketing Emails

Are you dissatisfied with the outcomes of your most recent email marketing campaign? 

Perhaps your offer and price didn’t resonate with your audience? Or maybe the wording in your message failed to entice your subscribers to part with their money.


Here are 10 Tips to make your next marketing email more compelling:


  1. Keep it Simple!

It’s essential to keep marketing communications simple.

Long words, phrases, and paragraphs should be avoided. Also, avoid using jargon that people might not comprehend. Instead, write the email as if it were a conversation with a buddy. You’ll want to utilize language that’s both forceful and convincing. Your marketing emails, on the other hand, will need to appeal to a wide range of people with different vocabularies.


  1. Match the Content with the Subject Line

The body of the email must fulfill the promise made in the subject line. Consider the following scenario: your subject promised a substantial discount on a service. In that instance, instructions on how to get the discount must be included in the email’s body. Of course, the transaction has to be legitimate. You will lose your subscribers’ faith if the body text does not match the subject line.


  1. Personalize Marketing Emails

Subscribers are aware that they are not alone on your mailing list. People will be more receptive to your marketing messaging if your emails address an individual rather than a group. Segmenting your mailing list is the first step in personalizing communications. Then you can personalize your marketing message to the individual’s preferences. It’ll also assist if you call the person by their first name. Finally, pronouns like “you,” “yours,” and “you’re” make it sound like you’re speaking directly to the recipient.


  1. Have One Objective Per Email

Your marketing emails will be confusing and less effective if you try to push too many calls to action (CTAs). It is advisable to have only one desired action per email. For example, if you were to ask recipients to “buy now,” “subscribe to our newsletter,” and “register for our podcast” in one email, which CTA should people be following? At best, each recipient will probably only follow one of the CTAs. At worst, people won’t understand what is required of them and consequently follow none at all.


  1. Make Marketing Emails Scannable

Marketing emails should be written for people who only skim the text. It will only take this group of people a few seconds to decide if the email has anything interesting in it. So, the best way to make sure marketing emails can be skim-read is to highlight the most important parts. For example, using bold paragraph headers and bullet points to list the most important parts of a service will help. You can also make important points stand out by using a bold, italic font in the body of the text.


  1. Focus on Benefits

Every recipient of a marketing email will wonder, “What’s in it for me?” In the subject line and body of the email, you must answer that question. As a result, it’s better to concentrate on advantages rather than features.


  1. Create a Sense of Urgency

Increase open rates and conversions by instilling a sense of urgency. Make it obvious that if you’re offering a special price on a service, it’s only for a short time. Even if there is no deadline, statements like “subscribe immediately,” “don’t miss out,” and “start saving today” can create a sense of urgency. The most important thing is to give people a cause to act sooner rather than later. Otherwise, the recipient may choose to revisit the email at a later time. The email then falls to the bottom of their inbox’s priority list and gets forgotten.


  1. Don’t Be Too Pushy

People dislike being told what to do aggressively. Persuasion is preferable to command. “We know you won’t want to miss out on this month’s unique offer,” for example, is persuasion-based, time-limited, and courteous. “Buy now or miss out,” on the other hand, is a directive that, if put in capital letters, would be aggressive. Exclamation marks and emojis should also be used sparingly.

However, providing direction can also be perceived as being helpful and informative and people do like that. An example of assistive direction might include something like this; “Here’s what to do next…” or “To get the best deal for this promotion, here’s what to do next…”


  1. Use Relevant Images

Images draw attention and can sometimes communicate messages more effectively than words. Any photographs in a marketing email, on the other hand, must serve a function, otherwise, they are pointless. Use high-quality but relatively sized images if an image adds something to the message. Large images or a large number of photos may detract from the written words and cause the email to load slowly.


  1. Proofread Emails!

Before sending an email, it goes without saying that emails should be proofread. Nonetheless, everyone has most likely encountered marketing emails with typos and grammatical errors, occasionally from major corporations. When proofreading, it’s better to leave the content away for a bit once it’s finished and come back to it later. Consider how the email sounds when read aloud when proofreading and make any necessary changes. If proofreading isn’t your thing, use a grammar checker tool like Grammarly instead. The Microsoft Editor, on the other hand, can also assist you in finding errors.


It’s difficult to get the tone of a marketing email just right. Of course, the sales pitch must be worded in such a way that it resonates with the intended audience. The aforementioned pointers will assist you in writing emails that convert. Even so, A/B testing is unbeatable. So divide your mailing list into test groups and experiment with different ways to guarantee that your marketing emails produce the best results possible.


Whatever your industry, these 10 Tips to Write Compelling Marketing Emails should almost immediately help improve your email campaigns!


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