The cost of not answering your incoming calls

The Cost Of Not Answering Your Incoming Calls


How often in your office does a call go unanswered ☎️?

Let’s just say that it is 1x/day and if you put in 5 days a week on average that means 25 missed calls.

You may not think that is a big deal until you put it under the statistical microscope. Well, you are in luck as today I am going to show you how missing just ONE call per day in your office can cost you dearly. Not only from a financial aspect but remember, if that was a prospect that wanted care that day and then you didn’t grab the phone and then they went to your competition. Not only did you lose them, but you also lost that lifetime value as well as any referrals that would have come from that patient.

Bottom line – watch this video and consider our Missed Call Text Back service with our GRRO platform: