5 SEO Tips For Your Practice

5 SEO Tips For Your Practice

You could have a massive search engine optimization strategy but if you’re not targeting your local audience, you’re missing out. 

We have 5 SEO Tips that can help your healthcare business.

Locking down a killer search engine optimization strategy can be the key to reaching patients. More than 90% of online experiences start with a search engine.

Ignoring local SEO can be a big mistake. It can cause a practice to lose patients to competitors and miss out on an essential group.

If you want to have an advantage when prospects are looking for your services in the search engines, read on.

How Local SEO Tips Can Make a Difference

By leveraging Local SEO strategies, you can make sure your practice ranks well in local searches. And this can have a big impact on your appointments.

Studies have indicated as much as 50% of patients who use a local search on a phone will visit a clinic on the same day. That is enough for any practice to consider improving their local SEO.

That means a health care practice with strong local SEO can connect with patients who already have intent.

How can practicees take advantage of local SEO?

Here are some top local SEO tips to boost local searches.

  1. Use Google My Business (now called: Google Business Profile)

Local searches tend to be after a location and address. Google My Business (now called Google Business Profile) is a prime spot to connect searchers with company information.

Getting listed on Google My Business / Google Business Profile usually means the healthcare business needs to get verified. The process uses traditional mail to verify practitioners are who they say they are and their clinic location.

Keep in mind, Google wants to provide a good user experience for their patients too and this is the reason they use this verification process.

  1. Boost Online Reviews

Positive online reviews help patients get a feel for the practice. These reviews can create a digital profile that connects people to specific needs or priorities.

A good way to build an online reputation is to ask patients to rate or review your services when they have a good experience. This can have a compounding effect and help build a sense of trust from others’ experiences with your healthcare business.

  1. Get Local Coverage

A good way to jump to the top of local search results is to get local coverage. This means connecting with practice journalists. (Tip: A phenomenal way to get more exposure is to reach out to local FB Pages and Groups! There is a lot of attention on these social platforms, and we would submit that these sources are more accessible!)

Make sure they understand what the practice is all about and the company mission. It’s also smart to outline the things that make the services unique or story-worthy.

  1. Add Backlinks from Other Practices

Health care businesses can boost search local SEO by getting backlinks from other sites. And most companies work with other non-competitors on a regular basis.

It’s a great idea to connect with other practices and ask them to add backlinks to a site. In short, make friends! This could work nicely as a mutual offer where both practices agree to work together and feature one another.

Savvy healthcare business owners will also boost exposure in local searches by getting listed on practice directories.

  1. Use a Solid Title and Description

It’s all about the headlines!

Searches give practices a very small window to get a message across. You might agree, attention spans are super short. 

That means smart healthcare business owners will pick a title and description that promotes the brand.

Make sure to take advantage of the ‘real estate’ you have to give the searches exactly what they need to know. It’s a better idea to skip generic page titles like ‘HOME’ or ‘ABOUT’ that don’t give prospective patients a glimpse at what your practice is about!

In short, make your titles and descriptions count!

What’s next?

Take massive action and put these tips into motion. Just knowing about these tips isn’t enough.

If you need help with this stuff, please reach out to us, we would be elated to help!

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call