25 FREE Website Traffic Ideas for Your Healthcare Practices

Every healthcare practice is likely to be interested in getting more traffic and eyeballs on their websites. If you’re a local practice owner or own a website, chances are this information may be of interest to you as well.

Below are just a few ideas that can deliver real results that drive traffic to your website:

1. Join Facebook groups and / or create one of your own

Joining Facebook groups can be a natural way to get in front of other like-minded individuals. By participating and engaging in other’s groups, you’ll likely attract other group members to check out what your website is all about.

2. Do Facebook Lives

Facebook Live is an extraordinary opportunity to ‘take the stage’. We literally have the opportunity to leverage Broadcast Capabilities to reach an ever-growing audience. Why not direct that audience to your website during your Facebook Live sessions?

3. Join Pinterest groups boards and / or create one of your own 

Pinterest has a massive audience. The potential for real traffic coming to your website should not be underestimated! Get Pinning on that platform!

4. Start a YouTube Channel

Do we really need to mention YouTube? Its evident that YouTube, being the second largest search engine in the world, only to it’s parent company, Google, is a magnificent source of traffic!

5. Comment on others’ social media posts 

Gary V calls this the ‘$1.80 method’. Basically it goes like this…Commenting on 90 posts per day or ‘adding your $0.02 to the conversation is a great way to generate interest in what it is that you’re all about. Naturally, people, whose posts you comment on wil be curious and ‘check you out too’. That adds up if you are engaging with enough accounts! So get commenting!

6. Submit your blog posts to Reddit and / or Medium

Reddit and Medium are massive platforms that command a lot of attention. If you share your content there, you may end up getting a lot of traffic to your website from people who consume or discover your content on those platforms.

7. Comment on other blogs

Much like Gary V’s ‘$1.80 Method’, the same goes for other’s blog posts. Your comments are valued currency to the blog authors. It makes sense to add value to other’s blogs and potentially get links back to your websites by commenting first!

8. Become a case study

It might be worth mentioning creating a case study by using other people stuff, products, services or solutions. You can show social proof by helping others tell their stories of success. By doing so, you can create a ‘case-study’ that becomes invaluable to the originator.You never know the benefits you might experience by doing so!

9. Answer questions on Quora and / or Yahoo Answers

Being helpful to others is always a good thing to do. If you can authentically help others by answering their questions in Quora and Yahoo, you could effectively bring traffic back to your website(s) by simply being cool and answering questions!

10. Create a freebie / lead magnet / opt-in incentive

There are a few ways to go about this however, creating a free lead magnet often leads to more traffic coming to your website.Clearly, if you are giving something of value away, you can essentially get a lot of traffic and perhaps something even better in the form of a name and email address in exchange for your freebie!

11. Grow your e-mail list and send regular e-mails to your subscribers

Speaking of getting a name and email address…Getting someone to opt-in can be the ultimate goal other than generating sales. Once you get the email address, it’s a very good idea to start emailing them! By doing so you can effectively create traffic on demand!

12. Promote a flash or limited-time offer

Your audience and patients love deals, flash or limited-time offers. So offer them! By doing so, it creates urgency and will drive traffic to your website!

13. Write a guest post

Website and Blog owners are short on time. Offering to guest post on other’s blogs and websites helps save time, energy and effort and is often considered to be of great value. As a result, you can tap into the existing traffic and audience of others who might very well become your audience after you publish as a guest blogger!

14. Interview others and / or offer to be interviewed

A great way to tap into and create traffic to a website is to simply interview others in your industry or be available to be interviewed simply to help create content. As a result, when an audience listens or reads the interview it could create a backlink or traffic to a website should there be interest in learning more about you and your website!

15. Create a round-up post

Sometimes making a summary post or a ‘round-up’ post of interesting articles or things that made your ‘Top-Things’ of your focus for the week can bring a lot of interest and traffic to your website!

16. Start a podcast

Starting a podcast can be one of the smartest things anyone can do to drive traffic website(s). Your audience listens to podcasts and they often will visit your website to learn more about your guests or topics you discussed on the podcast. Used simply as connection tool, there is great upside in generating top-line revenue in addition to traffic to your website!

17. Publish a free eBook or guide on Amazon

Amazon is a monster platform and commands a lot of attention. By publishing a book to Amazon, you can tap into the traffic the platform generates. You can direct new readers and listeners (yes you can publish audio books too) to go deeper into your topic by visiting certain websites or specific web-pages.

18. Host a (free) training or webinar

Webinars can be a great source of attention and traffic. Often you have uninterrupted attention of webinar attendees and you can simply inform, entertain and educate your audience and direct them to specific websites or pages within your presentation deck.

19. Do a joint venture

JV’s or joint ventures can be a significant source of traffic. The cool thing about JV’s audiences is that there is likely a great number of people on their list who may or may not be aware of your website or practice. Other people’s ‘lists’ (audiences) can be a great source of new traffic if you cultivate a proper relationship with joint venture partners!

20. Host a giveaway

Everyone loves giveaways! Why? Because they work! Simply let your audience know that you are hosting a giveaway on your website or landing page and enjoy the traffic that comes in! The key is to give something away of value that is interesting to the audience you’re trying to attract!

21. Ask for referrals

One of the easiest ways to compound the amount of traffic you get to come to your website is to simply ask for referrals! Being diligent and consistent about asking for those referrals!

22. Ask for testimonials

Similar to asking for referrals would be to ask for testimonials. People (your audience) love and trust testimonials. All one needs to consider are the reviews on sites like Amazon to know how impactful testimonials can be. They build trust and therefore could be a source of new traffic to your website simply because your audience wants to ‘learn more’ about your practice before making a purchasing decision.

23. Attend a networking event

Networking events are an amazing source of website traffic! The key is to have conversations and leverage clever ways to get those who attend these events to visit your website. I recommend getting their practice cards and then reach out to them to arrange a post networking event ‘meeting’.

24. Speak at an event

One of the very best ways to drive traffic to your website is to speak publicly. I know this can be intimidating and scary for a lot of people, but it’s one skill that can deliver a ton of value and benefit to your practice. One of those benefits include increased website traffic.

25. Host your own event

Can’t seem to get invited to speak at events? Host your own!

You can easily create your own event by hosting a Facebook Live, YouTube Live or LinkedIn Live event where you teach others something. You don’t need anyone’s permission to do so either!

And you can host as many as you want!

The key with ‘Going Live’ is that you’re prepared and include ‘calls-to-action’ within your presentation that directs viewers or ‘attendees’ to go to your website or a specific web-page.

There you have it!

In closing, we covered 25 super effective and FREE website traffic ideas that you can start to implement today! 

You might have some questions or need help with implementing or getting more traffic to come to your website. I’d be glad to help! Just reach out to me!

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call

25 Free website traffic ideas to promote your blog, website, and practice

25 Free website traffic ideas to promote your blog, website, and practice

Are you struggling to drive explosive amounts of traffic to your site? 

Here are 25 Free website traffic ideas to promote your blog, website, and practice! 

  1. Join Facebook Groups and/or create one of your own
  2. Do Facebook Lives
  3. Join Pinterest groups boards and/or create one of your own
  4. Start a YouTube Channel
  5. Comment on other’s Social Media Posts
  6. Submit your blog posts to Reddit and/or Medium
  7. Comment on other blogs
  8. Become a case study
  9. Answer questions on Quora and/or Yahoo Answers
  10. Create a Freebie / Lead Magnet / Opt-in incentive
  11. Grow your email list and send regular emails to your subscribers
  12. Promote a flash or limited-time offer
  13. Write a guest post
  14. Interview others and/or offer to be interviewed
  15. Create a round-up post
  16. Start a podcast
  17. Publish a free eBook or guide on Amazon
  18. Host a (free) training or webinar
  19. Do a Joint Venture
  20. Host a giveaway
  21. Ask for referrals
  22. Ask for Testimonials
  23. Attend a networking event
  24. Speak at an event
  25. Host your own event

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call

15 Ways to drive traffic to your Practices Website

Driving traffic to your website is critically important if you are a ‘locally-based service’.

It’s particularly important if you are a healthcare business owner.

However, when you’re a practice, it can be hard to rank well in the search engines. You’re likely up against the big practices, and their huge advertising spends which makes it near impossible to rank at the top for local searches.

And with so many websites and competitors out there, it can be quite a challenge to get visitors.

It’s just not as easy as “build it and they will come”.

Here are 15 Ways to drive traffic to your practice’s website:


  1. Search engine optimization (SEO)

What is SEO?

In basic terms, it means your website is technically sound so that it can be indexed by the search engines and well-designed for good usability. It also contains content (including keywords and phrases) that people are searching for often.

A great place to begin is to check that your website is appearing in the search engine. If it isn’t, then you may need to verify your site with Google Search Console. 

To appear in local searches on Google Maps, be sure to add your practice to Google My Business (now known as Google Business Profile).

Also, check your page (and post) titles and meta descriptions. To assist with your ranking, they need to be the appropriate length and contain your keywords.

It can take a while to see the benefits of SEO as it takes some effort and time to create the optimized site structures and content. However, once you enhance your website, you can gain free traffic from the search engines, so it’s worth the investment and effort.

Some of the components of SEO are technical, and if you aren’t confident in this area, We would be elated to help or point you in the right direction.


  1. Directory Listings

There are both free and paid options when it comes to directory listings. (Do your research with Paid Directories and pay attention to how they bill (monthly or PPC)

Start with the membership associations that you belong to, and search for a directory on their websites. Find out how you can get a listing to promote your practice.

A good example of this may be your local Chamber of Commerce. 

To find other online listings, search for your niche in Google and add the word directory after it. You will likely find blog posts that people have written containing the most popular directories which you can work through one by one.


  1. Backlinks

One strategy to drive traffic to your website is to partner with another practice that can link to your site and send you referral traffic.

This strategy is known as backlinking, and it also adds authority to your website. It’s excellent for SEO as it means you will likely rank higher than another site with lower authority.

When setting up the link, be sure to check that there is not a ‘no follow’ reference on the link. A no-follow link is not good for SEO as the link will not carry any authority.

If you don’t have any established partnerships, another way to get backlinks is to search for broken links that no longer work on other websites using the brokenlinkcheck site.

If you can find a website in your niche that has a broken link and you happen to have a similar blog article on the same topic, then send a quick email to that practice letting them know that they have a broken link and if they would like a replacement article then you have one available.


  1. Internal Links

While internal links move visitors around within your site, they can also assist with driving traffic to your site if they are well designed.

Excellent site structure is essential to see the benefits of SEO. If the search engines can determine that your site has good internal links, then it will rank higher than those that don’t.

When your website pages link well, you are also more likely to keep people on your website longer which can help with making those all-important sales conversions.

Consider how you can also use high-volume pages to drive traffic to other low-volume pages on your site. Use your Google Analytics platform to identify where you might be able to boost the traffic to your sales pages with strategic links from well-performing blog posts.


  1. Email marketing

When writing emails to your list, always ensure there are links back to your website within the email.

If you write a new blog post or want to promote one of your services, be sure to include a link directly to the relevant pages.

And don’t forget to add your website link to your email signature on every email you send.



  1. Blogging

Creating highly valuable content on your blog is a great way to drive traffic to your website.

It will increase the chances of your website being found in the search engines and perhaps being shared on social media by other people.

There are many formats that you can use within your blog to boost the chances of it being shared on social media. Interviewing an influencer in your niche is one way to do this, as there is a high chance that they will share the article with their audience once you’ve published it.

Pinterest is also a great place to share your blog articles and drive traffic for free.


  1. Media and PR

If you have a newsworthy story to tell or could contribute to an article that a journalist is writing, then it could generate some free publicity for your practice.

Identify the publications you would like to appear in and make contact with the journalists in your local area who write about practices or trends happening in your niche.

There are also websites such as HARO (Help A Reporter Out) that connect journalists with bloggers and contributors.


  1. Paid Advertising

While you may not have a large advertising budget, there are low-cost ways to drive traffic to your website.

LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, Instagram, all have affordable advertising platforms where you can promote your practice for as little as $5 a day.

The benefit of these platforms is that you can target your audience quite specifically. You also have the option to remarket to people who have visited your site before when you install a tracking code.

You may also consider using Google Ads and Google Remarketing if your audience would more likely use search to discover your practice. As always, before you spend any money on advertising make sure that you are clear on your end goal and marketing objectives.


  1. Social media

You can drive considerable referral traffic directly from social media once you have built up your following.

The key to growing your audience is to have an optimized profile that includes the keywords for your practice and that your content is engaging.

It’s essential that you show up consistently on social media every day to create brand awareness. If you need help with this, we would be elated to help. Besides, you’re in the practice of what you do…not Social Media Management.


  1. Facebook groups

Sharing your links and helping others out inside of Facebook groups is an excellent way to build awareness.

However, be strategic about the groups that you decide to join, so that you are using your time efficiently. It’s very easy to lose hours and hours on social media during your day, so be sure to get in and get out when you need to.

Also, it’s a good idea to monitor the results you’re getting. You’ll find that you generate more traffic, subscribers, and sales from certain groups and you’ll soon work out which ones to visit.


  1. Video marketing

Many people don’t realize that YouTube is a massive search engine that can be very effective in driving traffic to your website. 

Consider the types of videos you could create to post on here, as well as the promotional videos you could make to market your services on YouTube.

Google also indexes and returns videos in the search results, so it’s crucial to optimize the videos you are posting on your website by adding appropriate titles and meta descriptions.

There is an increasing demand for visual content online!

Video marketing is one way that you could differentiate yourself from your competition who may not be doing this yet.


  1. Online Question Forums

Answering questions on forums such as Quora is a great way to build your authority in a niche. Search for others by typing your niche with the word forum after it into the Google search.

You can also include a link to your website in your profile and your answers. A website link to your blog that answers specific questions about your industry or niche could significantly increase traffic to that article.

Searching on these sites before you write a blog article is also an excellent way to research what you should write. 

If you are writing about a popular or trending topic, then there will be a larger volume of people who will be searching for your content.

There’s no point in writing a blog article that no one is searching for an answer on, so be sure to choose topics that are regularly searched.


  1. Podcast Interviews

You may have a podcast, or you may be invited on to someone else’s podcast. Either way, the episode provides a way to promote the content on your website and drive the audience back to it.

You could increase the amount of traffic to your website by also including a special offer or by sharing something interesting that they can find out more about on your site.

Podcast episodes are also then shared on other social media platforms and via email marketing, making the audience for them much more extensive than just those listening to the audio.


  1. Guest blogging

Writing articles and pitching them to other larger media outlets or influencers is a great way to build your profile and get a link to drive traffic back to your website.

It can take some time to write a guest blog post though, so it’s important to choose a topic that others would be willing to share on their site. Identify syndicated publications that will share your articles on multiple platforms.

Don’t forget to invite others to write a guest post on your blog. If you publish their content and they are a well-known person in your industry, then you could attract a new audience. Contributing influencers will likely share your website with their (more substantial) audience to drive traffic to your site.


  1. Printed Marketing Collateral

Additionally, besides online methods, there are also offline forms of marketing that can increase your website traffic.

It should be standard operating procedures to include your website address on all forms of stationery, brochures, flyers, merchandise, and promotional materials.


How to determine what to focus on to get traffic to your website

It’s easy to become overwhelmed when you read through this long list of ways to drive traffic to your site.

However, it’s important to consider which methods will be both sustainable for you to keep doing overtime as well as which ones will generate the most traffic.

For example, if you don’t like writing or aren’t that good at it, then starting a blog is likely not a good idea. Instead, recording videos might be faster to create. (Tip: You could always have your videos transcribed so you can repurpose as long-form content on a blog or as an article on LinkedIn or on a Facebook Page)

Alternatively, you may feel more comfortable hosting a podcast or going live on Facebook where you can speak to your audience.

Try to pick a few methods above that you know you could stick to doing. Consistency is a big deal that will help deliver results! Additionally, remember, you don’t have to be overwhelmed by all of this! You don’t have to do all of them at once.

Building up a following, and traffic flow will take some time if you don’t have a large budget, so be patient and consistent with your marketing activities.

I would love to hear what you have found to be effective in driving traffic to your practice’s website? 

Let me know in the comments below!


So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call