Achieving Greatness in your practice in 2021 | Practice Insiders Edge | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron, PT, ATC

Well…. 2020 is JUST ABOUT DONE!

So let’s look at how we can make 2021 a Bigger and Better Year and one that will let you forget about 2020….. if you want to?

Today in this video we want to talk about the 4 Pillars To Achieving Success in Life and Practice in 2021.

Pillar 1: Having a Vision for your practice

Pillar 2: Having a Plan for your practice

Pillar 3: Having a Mentor 

Pillar 4: Having Allies

Let us know what you think and if you have ALL 4 Pillars in place as you move forward into 2021?!

As always if we can help in anyway to help you grow and scale your practice feel free to reach out via a DM or set up a call with us to talk: 

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