3 Costly Mistakes Private Practice Healthcare Business Owners Make Before The Holidays | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron PT, ATC

Are you making these 3 BIG marketing mistakes as the end of the year approaches?

Well, it’s November and that means it’s almost the end of 2020 

It’s Mission Critical time for YOU and YOUR PRACTICE!

Why… because it’s the time when too many Practice Owners make some BIG Mistakes.

We see this year after year.

In today’s video we want to talk about the 3 biggest mistakes healthcare business owners are making this time of the year and how to avoid them.

If you too make these mistakes it’ll mean you’ll….
…. lose patients
…. you won’t get new patients
…. you’ll have zero momentum going into 2021

If you ever want to chat further about how you can avoid these mistakes or what steps you can make moving forward in 2021 – head over here and set up a chat:   https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-DiscoveryCall

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