Gratitude and How To Use It To Grow Your Practice

Many will look at this title and not even consider giving it a look and that is unfortunate as I’m sure that person is the first to complain about how practice is going versus being grateful for what you have.

If you could look into the books of many other practice owners in your community I’m certain that you would NOT trade your practice struggles for theirs. Think about that – what you have others want and you want to just complain.

I wish you and your practice the very best but please start focusing on the positives of the practice and what you bring to your staff, patients, community, and yourself – you will be glad you did.

Practice Insiders Edge and Dr. Derek Baron and Terri Baron, PT, ATC, CSCS have a goal to provide you with information to help make your business and life more successful (on all levels). We help Private Practice Healthcare Business Owners Grow and Scale their practices – are you next?


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