The Importance of Google My Business For Your Practice | Practice Insiders Edge

In this week’s video we want to cover the importance of WHY YOU MUST have your practice listed in Google My Business (it used to be called Google Maps) which is the #1 Practice Foundational Piece we cover inside of the Practice Leverage Method.


There are so many reasons why you need to have your practice listed but here are just a few we will cover in today’s video:

1. 70% of searches for local business are on mobile devices so if your practice is not found via a mobile search…. you’re losing prospective new patient calls.

2. Google My Business is many prospective patients 1st point of contact with you – how are you representing yourself and your practice?

3. How do you rate in comparison with reviews to your competitors.

4. Finally, we give a great TIP on how to see exactly how you appear to potential patients and all you have to do is ASK.


So if you are a Private Practice Healthcare Business Owner and you found this video helpful, we’d love to hear what your thoughts are on it. Also, if you have some questions about your practice and how you “appear” in the suggested searches, just comment below the word GMB – and we will reach out to you.


Remember we’re here to help you grow & scale your practice Practice Insiders Edge is here to help you & your practice achieve Success. On So Many Levels.

Oh… and let’s not forget, if you want to set up a call with us to discuss Google My Business (Google Maps) or any other practice issues you may be having, feel free to set up a “complementary” Triage Call with us – we’d love to help!

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