Repurposing Blog Post Ideas for Healthcare Practices

Reusing content is a good idea in almost every way. Not only are you getting the most out of your work, but it’s also a great way to keep your content fresh (there are always little updates that come with it) and save yourself some time.


Make a list of your top tips. Go through all of your posts on a certain topic and pick out the best tip from each one. Ideally, these tips should be very specific and niche ones that your audience might not know to look for. If you put these into a post, you’ll have a hack list.


Bring together your best ideas. This is similar to the last one, but instead of picking out specific tips, you should find a few posts that each go into detail about one strategy. Make a short post about each strategy, and then when you talk about each one, link to the more detailed post.


Combine and change course. Have a lot of short posts that all cover the same group of keywords? They might be going up against each other on the SERP. You could combine them into one big post and send them to the right place. You could use the URL that gets the most traffic and/or links from other websites. Or, if none of them does particularly well, just publish as new and send everyone to the new link.


Make a post out of a thread of comments. Have you ever posted something on social media that led to a long Q&A thread or an interesting discussion? Make a post out of it. 



Don’t forget that you can also turn your blog posts into videos, webinars, podcasts, infographics, social posts, ebooks, and more.


More ideas for reusing blog posts 

– Turn a mega list of stats into a shorter post on data-backed reasons to do X.

– Make a blog post or a series of shorter blog posts from a white paper

– Transcribe a podcast or video into a blog post

– Make a Q&A blog post out of a webinar

–  Share a list of the best things (top posts of the month, quarter, year)


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3 Simple TikTok Tips To Grow Your Practice

If you’re reading this, you probably want to know more about how social media functions. I think I’ve discovered the secret to building a TikTok following.

Everyone’s experience with TikTok is unique, however, the following advice can help you increase your following.


  1. Maintaining Consistency

Consistency is difficult, but you have to post each day. In fact, every day. It’s not unusual to gain followers quickly! One popular post can completely transform your life and your practice.


  1. Timing Matters!

When producing material, make sure your videos are no more than 30 seconds and, when necessary, add voice overs. This will encourage participation from and an understanding of the mystery among your audience.  You have 3-5 seconds to grab the attention of your audience, so make sure your HOOK is great!

You should have no trouble gaining some solid engagement with your followers if you are imaginative and, more importantly, deliberate with your hooks.


  1. Show Off Your Creativity

Although it’s fantastic to follow trends, not all audiences want to see you perform viral dances. Utilize the popular sounds and showcase your originality using the patient avatar as a guide.

You’ll have a clear understanding of what does well and what doesn’t after posting consistently, keeping your content concise, and using your originality.


Bonus Tips

A great online tool to help you create great-looking TikTok videos is Canva. You can easily create your videos with your iPhone or Android device, import the video and resize it with the vast number of templates Canva provides.

Although not mandatory, using a tripod or a Gimple can make your videos less shaky.

Need Help navigating TikTok without having to dance and shake it for your practice? Reach out to us! We would love to help!

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11 Benefits Worth Considering Investing More in Content Marketing

Whatever the size of your practice, you’re certainly curious to learn how to boost appointments. In fact, in order to stay relevant, even locally focused enterprises must expand. Additionally, those marketing initiatives are becoming more digital. You should meet people where they are, as the expression goes. This was unavoidable given the popular nature of social media and web usage.

This transition to “digital first” has made content marketing crucial. We simply cannot live digitally without content since it is the money of digital marketing. In fact, content has grown to be so important in marketing that a new generation of content entrepreneurs has emerged, whose companies are entirely based on content. This phenomenon, which spans a range of practices from affiliate marketing to subscription services, is comparable to the media entrepreneurs of the past.

What does this entail for owners of local practices like yourself? Simply put, it’s imperative that we develop the skills necessary to utilize content marketing. You can better grasp why content marketing is so crucial by understanding its advantages. Additionally, you’ll gain a sense of the advantages your practice should be pursuing.


11 Benefits of Content Marketing

While content marketing is critical to digital success, these perks stand out as being particularly important and helpful for any firm. Although a couple of these may not be essential to your practice’s digital strategy, the majority of these are applicable to all industries. A sound digital strategy will also prioritize some of these advantages over others.


The Benefits of Visibility

Brand awareness is where the sales funnel starts at the top. Even the smallest practice may aid in brand discovery with a well-executed content strategy. A bigger involvement in industry debates will also be possible thanks to your brand’s enhanced visibility. This is true even for practices that primarily cater to the local community, especially given that there is typically competition in this niche as well.


  1. Improves recognition and brand awareness

By distributing material into venues where people are seeking for and consuming content, content marketing increases your practice’s visibility. Without a question, more people will come to know you over time. Let’s take the example of a boutique retailer. The majority of people in your market are aware of the major players. But they’ll be more likely to check out your choice if they see your content, for instance, on Facebook.


  1. Enables you to decide what your prospect searches for in their narrative.

It’s crucial to have control over the story that surrounds your brand. Digital marketing can help by getting your material found above that of your rivals. They’ll then understand that you are an authority in the field you work in. When lack of experience isn’t a big deal, you have a unique chance to convince others that you are the person they should be listening to.


  1. Helps you make more and deeper connections with other people.

Your content gives Internet users more ways to connect with you online and helps them get to know you better. It also makes them want to read more of your work. This can look different depending on the type of content you choose, the forum, and your industry. A hobby shop would be a good example of this. Most people who have a hobby will need help at some point with materials or methods. If the shop shows how good they are at what they do, it could become a destination.


  1. It makes people trust you more and helps you get more fans who are loyal to you.

Another good thing about content marketing is that it helps build trust. People will find ways to trust you and become your fans the more content you have. After all, who is going to trust a practice whose website has nothing on it? Patients can’t tell how much you know about your subject without coming to your clinic. And if they can go somewhere else, they probably will. Also, wouldn’t you rather have people who like what you write? Their ideas are very important.


  1. Make your brand seem more trustworthy and authoritative

The more consistently you write about your practice’s area of expertise over time, the more people will think of you as an expert. This will help you build your credibility with both people and search engines. People are more likely to look for your content to find answers to questions that matter to them. And as more people visit your site, Google and other search engines will raise your rank.


  1. Generates referrals.

If a patient, visitor, or fan likes a piece of content, they can just share the link and tell other people about it. The same goes for people who link to your content if they think it’s useful. If you have content, you may be able to get these kinds of content referrals. When people share the content you’ve made, there’s a chance that people will buy your services.

This sharing is one of the most important benefits of content marketing for B2C brands, but for B2B companies, it’s even more important. One reason for this is that most B2B decision makers do a lot of research before getting in touch with sales staff. Most of the time, these buyers want to know right away if a service is right for their practice.


The Advantages of Tactical Marketing

Overall, there are many more benefits to content marketing than just being seen. It’s one thing to get your name out there, but it’s something else to make your brand known for something important. To do this, your content and other efforts need to be shared in the right way, which requires strategic marketing. In general, though, the research shows that good marketing = content marketing.


  1. Improves SEO.

SEO is one of the best reasons to use content marketing, especially on your own website. Studies have shown that practice websites with blogs have 434 percent more pages indexed by search engines than practice websites without blogs.

This is the case for a few different reasons. One thing is that these sites have more chances to use keywords. You can only get so far with service or service descriptions. Even if you put keywords in them, there won’t be much room. This could cause people to use too many keywords, which doesn’t work. Also, Google and most other search engines tend to like long-form content.


  1. More traffic to a website.

Content marketing can also bring more people to your website. You should never make bad content because it hurts your reputation, but you also shouldn’t ignore how important content is. Here, I’m mostly talking about longer pieces of writing that bring people to your site. Even though ads are important, people need a reason to stay on your site or come there on their own to find information.

There is no doubt that this method works. If a practice publishes 16 or more blog posts every month, it could get almost three and a half times as much traffic as competitors who only publish four or fewer blog posts. How come it works? Simply put, your website becomes more than just a place to find basic information. It becomes a place to go. This gives you the best chance to leave a good impression on patients.


  1. More prospects.

So, here’s the deal. People love to learn about a service or practice before they buy it. Samples and other methods can help, but they aren’t perfect. On the other hand, content marketing gives people something useful that they can access anywhere, at any time. Even if it’s just a good laugh (like the jokes about the pandemic last year), these impressions matter.

Some content can be a lead magnet. B2B brands often give whitepapers or seminar access. Get a free chapter of my latest book on my website. Your patients can try something for the price of a lead. Content marketing generates three times more leads than other strategies.


  1. Helps educate your patients to improve conversions and generate more appointments.

Would you rather buy a dud or a (near) sure thing? Most individuals value the ability to investigate options and choose the one that best meets their needs. This is true for B2C marketing, especially in high-priced or difficult-to-choose categories like electronics, personal care, and autos. Some folks can’t find the correct skincare services.

B2B brands use content marketing extensively. Practices have even larger stakes than certain consumer goods. Therefore, high-quality content marketing is most effective. The average B2B spends 29% of their expenditure on content marketing.

Doubtful? Content marketing attracts leads. These have a 14% conversion rate against 1.7% for outbound leads. Content marketing’s high conversion rate is one of its biggest features, especially when compared to outbound lead generation.


  1. Supports social media.

Content provides you with something to talk about on social media, increasing engagement and following. Commenting, sharing, or criticizing your material increases its online visibility. As your follower count rises, influencers and other essential connections are more likely to notice your brand.


The Financial Benefits

Content is like any other practice investment. Content marketing gives financial benefits that improve the bottom line. 

So… if you are a private practice healthcare owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here:

7 Ways to Use Content Marketing to Grow Your Practice

Content will continue to reign supreme in 2022. What does this mean for you and your practice, though? It suggests you haven’t yet included content marketing in your marketing mix; to stay competitive, you’ll need to start applying effective content marketing methods.

One of the most successful ways to reach new prospects and patients and develop your practice is through content marketing. In this post, we’ll go over seven strategies to use content marketing to grow your practice in the coming year, as well as practical advice on how to get started right away!


  1. Start putting your website’s content to the test.

You should start A/B testing your website content to ensure that it converts as well as possible. This method will assist you in determining which content is effective and which needs to be tweaked.

A/B testing compares two different versions of the same piece of content to discover which one performs better. To do so, you’ll need to make two different copies of your material and track the results. You can test the headline, the call-to-action, and the images, among other things. You can figure out what works best for your company and patients by experimenting with different elements.

There are a variety of resources accessible online if you’re not sure where to begin with A/B testing. For further details, check out HubSpot’s guide.


  1. Make Your Face Visible

Patients want to know that the practice is run by actual people. Video is one of the most effective ways to demonstrate to patients that you are a real person. However, if you haven’t started using video yet, you may be falling behind. In reality, 86 percent of companies now use films to sell themselves.

Video is an excellent approach to engage your audience and establish a human connection. You can utilize video to present your practice and its employees, give tours of your facilities, or just respond to patient questions.

If you’re not comfortable speaking in front of a camera, video can be used to demonstrate your services. This is a terrific approach to show patients what goes on behind the scenes at your company.

You may utilize video to sell your company in a variety of ways. You can, for example, share videos on social media, your website, or YouTube.


  1. Make Use of Patient Testimonials

Patient testimonials are an extremely powerful marketing tool. When potential patients discover that others have had success with your service, they are more likely to give it a try. This is known as social evidence, and there is no such thing as too much of it.

Now is the time to start gathering patient testimonials if you don’t currently have any. Testimonials can be used on your website, in email marketing campaigns, and on social media.

When requesting testimonials, make sure you ask specific questions that will provide you with the information you require. You might, for example, inquire about how your service has benefited them, their favorite features, or what they would tell their friends about your practice.


  1. Personalize it

Patients will expect more customization in their content in 2022. They don’t want to be treated like a number; they want to know that you care about them and their needs.

Segmenting your audience and creating unique pieces of content for different groups of individuals is one approach to tailoring your content. You might, for example, write one piece of content for new users to your website and another for returning patients.

Personalization can also be used to tailor the user experience on your website. This may involve showing different material depending on the user’s location or making recommendations based on their previous experiences with your website.

You can engage with your patients and build loyalty by personalizing your content.


  1. Produce engaging content

Your audience will be more engaged and involved if you use interactive content. Quizzes, surveys, polls, and calculators are examples of interactive material.

People will talk about your brand if you use interactive material. It’s also a fantastic approach to gathering information about your patients.

Consider your target audience if you’re not sure where to start with interactive content. What kind of material might pique your patients’ interest? What factors would influence their decision to buy your service?

Create interactive content to improve engagement and get people talking about your practice.


  1. Make Visual Aids

Visuals will be more important than ever in 2022. Everyday, people are overwhelmed with content, and they’re continually looking for ways to absorb it faster.

Infographics are one approach to make your content more appealing. Infographics are a terrific method to display information in a visually appealing fashion. They can also be shared, which can help you reach a wider audience. On social media, using images is also a terrific approach to stand out. People are more likely to pause their scrolling and pay attention to an image or video than to read a block of text.

Canva is a fantastic tool for producing visuals. You may utilize their library of free templates to make infographics, social media posts, and more.


  1. Concentrate on local SEO.

For practices, SEO is more important than ever. To be visible online in 2022, practices will need to rely on SEO.

Here are some suggestions for improving your SEO:

  • Find keywords that are relevant to your area and generate content around them.
  • Make your website mobile-friendly as well as voice-search friendly.
  • Participate in local events and activities and write about them.
  • Create backlinks to your website from reputable sources such as your local chamber of commerce and local directories.

If you’re new to SEO, watch this video from SEM Rush for more information.



Content marketing is a strong technique for increasing your practice’s internet visibility. You may start using content marketing techniques that will help you reach new patients and expand your brand by following the content marketing recommendations above.

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here:

Create Content For Your Practice That Is Worth Sharing

Create Content For Your Practice That Is Worth Sharing

We all know that content marketing is the name of the game for most practices. Content is king and all that. But how does a practice create enough good content to reach its marketing goals? Read on as we break down simple content ideas that you can use (and reuse) to grow your practice.


Frequently Asked Questions are great for creating content around your practice. It’s always a good idea to write down the most frequently asked questions your prospective patients ask you about your services.

There’s a reason the FAQ section exists. It’s a great way to answer and convey information back to those that ask these questions…frequently. Chances are if frequently asked questions are asked, that they will likely be asked again by future prospective patients.

Creating content around these questions is a great idea. In fact, taking it one step further and telling your audience the ‘Should Ask Questions’…and answering those in long-form content instills trust or expands interest in your service that your audience may not have thought of or considered.

Behind The Scenes

How does your practice work? You might think that people aren’t interested, but there’s a reason that shows like “How It’s Made” are popular. Think about your process and what makes it unique. Break it down into a slideshow, video, or photo array to share on your website and social media. Alternatively, you could do behind-the-scenes videos introducing your staff.

Service Demonstrations

You won’t be shocked to hear that service demonstrations are the kind of content you can create cheaply, but you might not realize the possibilities for content creation that are locked inside the services you offer.

Beyond the simple introductory service demo, you can show your patients the potential for other services. Even a service that doesn’t require a demo can be highlighted in a demonstration video! Example of how you perform warm up stretches for athletes in the clinic or how you can use a physio-ball or foam roller.  Sure we may not all agree on their functional purposes but teach your prospective patients YOUR belief system behind the tools/devices.

Content Curation

Not every piece of content you post needs to be original. The key here is to not simply share the content as is. Instead you should find a way to add some authority or a unique twist to it.

For example, you might find an article in your local newspaper or an industry publication with a list of…whatever. Instead of simply posting the list, share it and point out which part is your favorite and why. You could also mention something that wasn’t included in the list that you think should have been.

Patient Testimonials

To make your patient testimonials effective, it may be useful to map out an outline based on the patient’s story. That way, you can share the kind of journey that will resonate deeply with people and help them to make an emotional connection with your service. Think of doing a video case study of your patient testimonial and give them some background behind the entire process.  In other words, where did they start, what did you do, how did you do it and what was the outcome.

Your Brand Story

Differentiating yourself from your competitors is a must and content marketing provides the ideal way to do it. No matter what industry or niche you’re in, your brand has a unique story that is yours to tell.

I hope you get the idea here. Your focus should always be in providing value and entertainment to your audience. You don’t need to have a huge content marketing budget to create the kind of content your audience will love…and be eager to share.

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here:

5 Types of Content Marketing for Your Practice

5 Types of Content Marketing for your practice | Practice Insiders Edge | Practice Leverage Method

5 Types of Content Marketing for Your Practice

This is to build off of last weeks video on the 4 tips for creating local content to help build your patient base and spread community support.

Today, we wanted to share with you 5 different types of content marketing you can employ for your practice:

1. Blog and Vlog posts
2. Infographics
3. Patient Testimonials
4. Patient Case Studies
5. Educational or Fun Videos

Give it a watch and feel free to share your content with us, we’d love to see how you are making it work for your practice.


So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for some advice on Creating Content or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you! You can do one of two things: (1) Drop a comment below with the word: CONTENT and we will get back in touch with you (2) Set yourself up with a Triage Call here:


4 Tips for Creating Local Content for Your Practice

4 Tips for Creating Local Content for Your Practice | Practice Insiders Edge | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron

4 Tips for Creating Local Content for Your Practice

I raised a question in our Private Facebook Group about what would you like to see go smoother in practice. 

One of the replies was ‘content,’ and specifically what types and how to create more.

So, we thought we’d put show you 4 Tips on creating content and put it together in a video. 

We put a little twist on this and we are going to show you how to use some community events and connections to increase your content. Give it a watch and let us know what you think of the 4 options?

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for some advice on Creating Content or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you! You can do one of two things: (1) Drop a comment below with the word: CONTENT and we will get back in touch with you (2) Set yourself up with a Triage Call here: