Does your healthcare practice have margins?

Does your practice have margins? | Practice Insiders Edge | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron, PT, ATC


This week we want to talk to you about margins in your practice. No, not profit margins – we will get to that soon enough.

This time it is about the margins on the side of the paper and the side of the road and how they pertain to you and your life/practice.

Now just for fun… since it’s the Holiday Season… go grab yourself a coloring book and make sure to color outside of the lines and don’t worry about what anyone says – it’s OK we promise! 

You will have a sense of relief and realize that margins are meant to keep us in line but it is also OK to be outside the lines.

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for some advice or help on setting business/practice goals or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you! Go here: and set up a Triage Call with us where we can find out where you are at and where you’d like to go and if we can help you get there quicker?

Are your practice goals set for 2021

Goal Setting for practice in 2021

Well… 2020 is about to come to a close.

How has 2020 been for you and your practice? If you are anything like us – we are ready for the New Years Ball to drop and start over fresh!

But…. before you know where you are going in 2021, we need to make sure we have some plans and goals set up for the practice.

This week’s video topic is about setting your goals for the practice for 2021.  The truth is, you should have been doing this in October but just in case you have not, we got some common questions that we go over in the video.

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for some advice or help on setting business/practice goals or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you!  CLICK HERE and set up a Triage Call with us where we can find out where you are at and where you’d like to go and if we can help you get there quicker?

Creating Momentum for your practice heading into 2021

Creating Momentum for 2021 | Practice Insiders Edge | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron, PT, ATC, CSCS


Watch this video to learn a few ways to create momentum for your practice heading into 2021. 

You never know when your momentum might be stopped dead in its tracks…. if 2020 is any indicator – let’s hope it doesn’t happen again. We also share a personal story of how our life and practice had it’s momentum suddenly shaken!

And…. NO, your eyes are not playing tricks on you – tech issues cause “bad lip reading.”

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Are you practicing Generosity in your business?

Are you practicing Generosity | Dr. Derek Baron | Theresa Baron, PT, ATC

In Part 2 of our Season of Giving video series we wanted to talk about Generosity.  So in today’s video we are going to discuss the benefits of practicing Generosity.  This video will cover 3 ways to use Generosity in order to grow yourself and your practice and spread goodwill during these difficult times.

If you have any other ways or ideas that can help others please feel free to share them below.

You can watch Part 1 here: 

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Tis the Season for Gratitude in Your Practice

Season of Gratitude | Practice Insiders Edge

During this Season of Giving Thanks which is more important than any year in which we can remember, we thought it was important to remind you as to WHY Gratitude is a Power Principle and how you can implement more of it in your practice to get better results in practice, for your and your staff and your patients.

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End of Year Marketing Mistakes

3 Costly Mistakes Private Practice Healthcare Business Owners Make Before The Holidays | Dr. Derek Baron | Terri Baron PT, ATC

Are you making these 3 BIG marketing mistakes as the end of the year approaches?

Well, it’s November and that means it’s almost the end of 2020 

It’s Mission Critical time for YOU and YOUR PRACTICE!

Why… because it’s the time when too many Practice Owners make some BIG Mistakes.

We see this year after year.

In today’s video we want to talk about the 3 biggest mistakes healthcare business owners are making this time of the year and how to avoid them.

If you too make these mistakes it’ll mean you’ll….
…. lose patients
…. you won’t get new patients
…. you’ll have zero momentum going into 2021

If you ever want to chat further about how you can avoid these mistakes or what steps you can make moving forward in 2021 – head over here and set up a chat:

Get Your Practice Voted In with Facebook Ad Campaign As Best In Town

Vote for Your Practice Facebook Campaign


Well… did you vote yet? The clock is ticking on the 2020 Election. Make sure to get out there and make yourself be heard and vote for who you believe will take you forward.

But…. what about getting your practice “Voted In” as the Practice of Choice in Your Community? In this video I’ll talk about how all of the Political Campaign spending from Facebook Ads is going to be gone very shortly and that makes room for you to get your message heard in your community.

How to Gain Followers With Fun Holiday Posts

Are Your Social Platforms Holiday-Ready?

The holidays are upon us, and, in the world of social media, that means one thing: seasonal posts. While it’s easy to look at seasonal content creation as a chore, it can be an excellent opportunity to win new followers and solidify your relationship with existing followers. 

Here are our top tips for doing just that:

  1. Host a Giveaway

The holidays are a time for generosity, and social media giveaways are particularly well-received during this season. Retail stores, for example, offer BOGOs and gifts with purchases. Take a page out of their book by hosting a giveaway on your social media platforms. Invite followers to like, share, comment on, or tag a friend in one of your posts. At the end of the giveaway period, randomly select a winner. It’s a great way to get people involved and boost your brand’s visibility. 

  1. Support a Charity

Today’s consumers want to do business with brands that share their values and ideals. With this in mind, consider supporting a local charity (or charities) this holiday season. Donate time, money, or supplies to the cause and highlight it in your social posts. Bonus points for inviting your followers to get involved, too. 

  1. Get in the Spirit 

While the holidays are a great time to make sales, they’re also a great time to make connections. Instead of focusing solely on branded contests and giveaways, get into the spirit of the season by sharing user-generated holiday content on social media. Kids’ art is a great option, as are special holiday photos submitted by your followers. What you share doesn’t matter as much as the spirit in which you share it. 

  1. Be yourself

No matter what, stay true to yourself in your social content this holiday season. Existing followers will appreciate it, and you’ll gain a more authentic base of new followers in the process. 

Take your social media to the next level this year in your practice! Give us a call or text if you have any questions (630) 491-1444 and we can chat about how we can help you and your office.

6 Ways to Keep Your Stories Interesting in Business

Harness the Power of Stories This Year

In the world of social media, stories are everything. They’re the method by which you connect with your audiences, showcase your products, goods, and services, and define your brand. While this is all well and good, many brands struggle with how to keep their stories compelling. Fortunately, it’s far from impossible.

If you want to create more impactful stories in the coming year, follow these top tips:

6 Tips for More Powerful Stories

Deliver special offers. Your social media stories are a great place to deliver special offers and coupons. In addition to the fact that stories can elicit a better response, they’re also an excellent way to create a sense of urgency among your target audience and generate lots of interest.

Redirect followers. Use your stories to provide another avenue for customers. Redirect them to your website, send them to a landing page, or present them with an offer.

Showcase new products and services. Stories are an excellent place to share your products, goods, and services. Demonstrate how to use your products, or what they look like in real life in your stories.

Offer behind-the-scenes glimpses. Remember that the people watching your stories are real people, and they care about your company. Help them bond with you and your team via behind-the-scenes glimpses of your company and products.

Do a takeover. Keep your stories fresh by inviting an employee, consultant, or influencer to do an Instagram takeover for your business. This is a great way to keep your stories fresh and exciting.

Share sneak peeks. For your website or blog to be effective, you’ve got to mix and match types of content. Use your Instagram and other stories to share sneak peeks of new content and more.

Make your stories as impactful as possible this year. Give us a call at (630) 230-1802 and we will help you understand our social media services and more.