Most of the time, it takes months to see the benefits of blogging. Even though the benefits keep adding up, this depends on whether you can keep feeding the strategy. This is not simple. So don’t worry if your blog is a garden and you’re in a drought. You’re not alone, and it’s about to start raining. Here are some ideas for blog posts about thought leadership that will keep your strategy strong and your job fun.


Thought leadership blog post ideas


With these posts, you want to stand out from other practices in your niche and build your authority and reputation.


X Things [Hobby] Can Teach You About [Your Subject]:

What else are you really interested in besides your practice? Can you find a way to link it to something your readers will care about? Not all the time, being a thought leader means coming up with new ideas or, well, thoughts. It also means finding new ways to present old ideas.


Experts Weigh In: Does your niche have a “controversial” subject?

Not one that makes you emotional, but one that makes you feel different things. Ask several experts the same question (or set of questions) to get a broad view. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Hamstring Injury Prevention: 17 experts talk about the top three warm-ups to decrease hamstring injuries. 


X Best Practices I Don’t Follow: 

 What are some rules that you think work against you, are out of date, or just don’t fit your situation? Share them and what your thoughts are about your reasoning. Note: If you don’t want to lead anyone astray, be clear about why and give examples of when these best practices are best.


A List of “Really,” “Truly,” and “Actually”

There are keywords (jargon)  in every niche that, when typed into Google, bring up pages and pages of results that all say pretty much the same thing. Find a way to make your content unique and differentiate yourself and your practice from others.


 X Things I Wish I Knew or Mistakes I Made:

Talking about your flaws can be just as useful as talking about your achievements. Also, it makes you a better person. Think about the mistakes you’ve made in your work or the things you wish you had known sooner. Your readers will like that you are honest, and they will also be able to avoid making the same mistakes.


Tell me what you think about something:

Say what you think about something in your field. Just keep in mind that it’s best to also show the other side or other points of view. ‘Seeing’ other’s points of view and saying as much lends value to your content and shows you aren’t entirely biased.

Thought leadership content isn’t likely to get a lot of organic traffic because that’s not what it’s meant to do. After all, you’re giving your readers new ideas and thoughts that they don’t know how to look up. But you can drive traffic to these posts with social shares, email marketing, and internal links. And if it’s real enough, you’ll get backlinks for sure.


More ideas for blog posts about thought leadership:

– What does [Subject A] have to do with [Subject B], which doesn’t seem to be related?

– From the point of view of [a role] on [something outside of that role]

– The best advice I’ve ever gotten about [topic]

– Tell the story of how your practice came to be (makes for good about us page copy too)

– Tell us what you liked best about a recent presentation.

– Write a review of a new or old book in your field.

– Talk to a well-known person or an expert in the field.


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