Four Steps to Turn Fans into Brand Ambassadors

Did You Know…

Highly engaged patients buy 90% more often and 60% more per transaction and that 77% of patients are more likely to get a new service when learning about it from friends and family?

In a perfect world, everyone who avails your services would talk about them to everyone they meet.

The problem is, we don’t live in a perfect world. And while some of your patients might be ardent fans, others might need a bit of coaxing to get there.

The good news?

You can turn patients into enthusiastic brand ambassadors in just four easy steps!

  1. Model The Behavior You Want To See

This may mean doing things like creating brand hashtags and using them in your posts. You could also seek out some influencers and have them post images of themselves with your services using these hashtags. People who follow your brand on social media will see the posts and hashtags.

  1. Request The Behavior You Want

The next step is to ask your followers to do the thing that you’ve modelled for them. For example, if you wanted patients to post pictures of themselves doing an exercise or a stretch, you could ask them to post them with a special hashtag.

  1. Incentivize Your Fans

Some people share photos of themselves simply because you asked. But, many more people will do it if you give them a reason to do it. You might run a contest where you’ve given away a product or service (or a year’s worth of “something”). If you choose to do a contest, make sure to post a clear set of rules for entry!

  1. Deliver Rewards

Contest Winners will get a reward, but you should also reward others who enter with some recognition and love. Liking their posts, commenting on them, or even sharing them with your followers can make your fans feel special and appreciated.

Brand ambassadors are more than just enthusiastic fans. When brand ambassadorship is at its best, patients identify heavily with the brands they love!

Not Sure Where To Start?

Try asking on social media! Your fans who are already engaged will be eager to tell you what they want – and you can use their advice as guidance to get things started

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