6 Steps To Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked

6 Steps To Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked

Have you ever been hacked, your website that is?

If you have not that it is critical that you watch THIS VIDEO on the 6 Steps To Prevent Your Website From Being Hacked!

We talked last week about the importance of doing a Practice Marketing Audit, but if you get hacked, the audit won’t do much for you.

Now… if you have had your site hacked you know how painful that is and it is very important to remain resilient against hacker and YES even if you are a healthcare provider.

Most people think that only E-Commerce sites get hacked or heck, even banking institutions and government sites but it’s true YOU TOO can be hacked and with HIPPA you MUST be very careful.

Here are 6 tips we will cover in the video:
1. Keep all of your software updated (website and servers)
2. Install an SSL Certificate on Your Site
3. Use and Require Strong Passwords
4. Hide your Admin and Login Folders (in plain site)
5. Use Double Validation Forms
6. Minimize administrative access to your site

I know… and I agree this is tech talk and if you don’t understand it make sure to pass it along to your webmaster or feel free to ask us for help too!

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for some advice on how to avoid getting your website hacked or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you! You can do one of two things:
(1) Drop a comment below with the word: Hacked and we will get back in touch with you
(2) Set yourself up with a Triage Call here: https://bit.ly/PIE-FB-Triage-Call

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