Have you ever wondered how to write email marketing subject lines that will get your emails open and make you more income? The first thing you have to focus on are your subject lines.

If your subject lines aren’t compelling and they don’t increase your audience’s curiosity, your emails won’t get opened.

I don’t want to scare you, because coming up with great subject lines is not that hard. In this article I will help you get started using the best email marketing subject lines that will help you with your marketing.

If you are new to email marketing or you are thinking about starting with it but you don’t know how, I invite you to reach out to us. We’ll help you get started on the right foot!

Let’s dig in!

1.) What are email marketing subject lines:

I’m 100% sure you already saw them. If you open up your email, you will see who sent you the emails, and the titles of the emails. Those are subject lines.

Now you probably know why they are so important. Your audience will see them before they click through. And because we get so many emails every single day, we have to make sure our subject lines POP!

2.) Why doesnt your audience open your emails:

There are 4 reasons:

  • Your subject line is not good enough and doesn’t make them curious
  • Your email is about a topic they are not interested in
  • They didn’t check their email that day
  • Your email went to spam (we will talk about how to avoid this)

I mentioned this earlier, if your email marketing subject line isn’t good or doesn’t build curiosity, your subscribers won’t even notice your email.

Another really important thing is to know your audience. 

If you are attracting all sorts of people, they are likely interested in different things. So if you’re talking about something specific but they are not interested in that topic, they won’t check your emails.

That’s why it’s so important that you know who your targeted audience is. Not only will you stop wasting time with people who will never buy from you, but also you will increase your income and email open rate.

3.) How to avoid emails going to spam:

This is an important topic you need to learn more about. If you don’t consider this, you will be wasting time with email marketing.

Here are some really important things to consider:

  1. You emailed someone without their permission
  2. Your IP address was used for spam before
  3. Email engagement rate is low
  4. Your subscribers forgot who you are (yes it can happen)
  5. You have a low mailbox usage
  6. Your email marketing subject lines are misleading
  7. Your “From” info is not accurate
  8. Forgot to include your physical address
  9. You don’t have an “unsubscribe” link
  10. You used spam words
  11. Your HTML emails don’t follow best practices

I know, those seem pretty simple but you would be surprised how many people and businesses don’t consider some of these basic things within what is likely one of your most important marketing system assets!

Hey, you came to this post for the subject lines. So without further delay, let’s jump in!

Now we are going to talk about the best subject lines that won’t get your emails into spam, but rather it will get them open.

4.) Here are some of the best email marketing subject lines that will get your emails open:

For the sake of brevity, the following list was geared towards email marketers in general. Simply replace the content within the brackets for your industry

  1. The ultimate guide to [email marketing subject lines]
  2. When you’re struggling with [email marketing] do this…
  3. How to fix your [email marketing] fiasco…
  4. Here’s to fixing your [email marketing] “game”
  5. How to fix [email marketing strategy] like a boss
  6. How to permanently stop failing at [email marketing]
  7. Sick of [email marketing] fiasco?
  8. [email marketing] – here’s how to fix it fast
  9. The uncomfortable truth about [email marketing]
  10. The Arnold Schwarzenegger of [email marketing]
  11. Give me 10 minutes and I’ll give you [email marketing] revamp
  12. The lazy person’s way to [email marketing]
  13. 15 things you didn’t know about [email marketing subject lines]
  14. What you should know about [email marketing]
  15. 20 [email marketing] lessons from Gary Vaynerchuk (or your industry GURU)
  16. See how easily you can start [email marketing]
  17. I’m doing at least 10 of these [email marketing] tips
  18. Take 10 minutes to start with [email marketing]…you’ll be happy you did!
  19. How to take the headache out of [email marketing]
  20. This is the best way to fix your [email marketing]

You can copy these and change the subject (instead of email marketing, include your keywords for your industry). Test them out and tweak them if it’s going to be necessary.

5.) Email Marketing Subject Line Hack to get even more open rates:

Have you ever noticed emojis being used in some emails you receive? You probably have but also you see email subject lines without emojis.

In your opinion, which pops out more? Go check your email account and make a quick analysis 🙂

I get higher email open rates if I use emojis. There are a couple of other things that will help you:

  • Start your email subject line with an emoji (don’t put it at the end)
  • Build curiosity (don’t tell them everything in the subject line)
  • Use emojis with bright colors (red, orange, green)

The most important thing about using email to market is providing value! I typically open emails from those that I trust and look forward to receiving, even if they don’t use emojis!

Keep in mind, people scan their emails and the first thing they see is who the email came from and the subject headlines. You only have a moment to capture their attention and curiosity! So make it count!

It can take a long time to build a personal or business brand!. To get higher email open rates, you have to use different tactics and hacks that will help you along the way.

Try these tips and test these subject headlines. Mix them up and use your creativity to see what works. Don’t forget to be authentically you! Share your story and give your subscribers a lot of value! Do that, and it’s difficult for your list to get to Know, Like and Trust you! 

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking to grow and scale your practice or generate more new patients for the practice – we are here for you!  Drop a comment below if you have questions or if you’d like to set up a call with us go here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call

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