Goals vs Habits for success in 2023

Well, we are still in week one of 2023 and most people (practice owners) have set their goals for the year as most people do but….. are you setting yourself up correctly to achieve those goals with success habits?

That is where most will fail as their goals are typically outside of their comfort zone and you’re told to set BIG goals but not told to start with winning habits to help you achieve the goals you want.

So this video today will give you an idea of what some of your best habits should be moving forward in life and in practice such as:

1. Pick a niche to market to and focus on that one niche

2. Have weekly staff meetings

3. Ask for Reviews (written and video)

4. Shoot more video (I repeat – shoot more video)

5. And Much Much More…..

So… if you are a private practice healthcare business owner and you are looking for a more productive way to move through 2023 by setting up success habits or you are looking to grow and scale your practice – we are here for you! You can do one of two things:

(1) Drop a comment below with the word: HABITS and we will get back in touch with you

(2) Set yourself up with a Triage Call here: https://chat.practiceinsidersedge.com/PIE-Triage-Call


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